Some Designer Dupes I’m Currently Crushing on

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for a good deal! I’ve rounded up a few of my more recent purchases to share with you that just so happen to be some pretty amazing designer dupes.

get these designer looks for less!

I love a good bag

It’s true! And as mom of two little ones it’s key to have an everyday purse that is big enough to throw some diapers and snacks in. Gotta have the snacks!  This purse is perfect for that and transitions well into a night out. It’s roomy and has a few inside pockets, plus it can be worn as a crossbody, which we love!

I purchased this bag online from Nordstrom Rack online and could not be happier with it! It is sold out on their site, which I’m not surprised about, but DSW still has it in stock!  It looks very similar to the Chloé Marcie purse and I’ve had people ask me if it is a Chloé. Gotta love a look for less!

look a like chloe purse

Now can we just talk about the Steven Madden sandals?!

I have been wanting these Steve Madden sandals for awhile now. They are actually a dupe for the Hermes Oran sandal which are over $700!  Well guess what?! I found a dupe for a dupe and I’m in love! Amazon for the win, once again! These are seriously almost identical the the Steve Madden Greece sandal and the best part, they were less than $20! Ya can’t beat it!!

look alike steve madden greece sandals- very on trend right now

That’s So Gucci!

The Gucci belt is very on trend right now and comes with a steep $450 price tag. I found this beauty on Amazon for under $15 and I’m super impressed with the quality of this belt!! It adds so much to an outfit and can be worn with so many different things.

gucci belt look a like

Who loves boutique shopping?!

I know, I do and my absolute favorite boutique is Apricot Lane Peoria. I have been shopping with this boutique for years and the owner is so great at finding designer dupes, plus they always have the cutest stuff!  I seriously love this boutique and one of my favorite things to purchase from here is sunglasses.  Who am I kidding, I want everything there, but I am a sucker for sunglasses!

Here are a few I’ve gotten from Apricot Lane that are still available and they are really great designer dupes, guys!

First up is this pair and they are pretty much identical to this Chloé pair.

chloe look alike sunglasses

Next up is this pair that are pretty much just like these Celine sunglasses Pretty similar, right?!

look a like celine designer sunglasses

Lastly are these adorable heart shaped glasses that I literally just had to have!  They are totally twinning with this Saint Laurent pair.

heart shaped sunglasses

I’m all about spending less on shades because half the time I end up losing them or they get scratched if just thrown in my purse- or my kids steal them, because let’s be serious.

Since we are on the subject of sunglasses and obviously I have an addiction, why not throw in one more pair?!  This pair was a must have when I first saw it and it wasn’t until after I purchased that I realized it was a designer dupe.  Free People Real Deal oversized sunglasses are legit over-sized as they take up like my whole face- and I am totally obsessed with them.  They are my favorite pair of sunglasses right now.  These shades are actually a dupe for the Gucci 54mm oversized sunglasses!  The Free People version is $20 and the Gucci is $375.  Holla!free people oversized sunglasses

If you’re anything like me and love yourself a great designer dupe let me know what some of your favorites are, I’d love to hear them!

XO, Sarah

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    Love these finds!!!! ❤️

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