Nordstrom 2018 Anniversary Sale Try On

I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to check it out yet guys, but the Nordstrom Sale is legit this year.  There are sooo many amazing pieces, and at great prices!  I headed into the store yesterday to do a little try on session and added it to my Instagram highlights in case you missed it.  You will be able to shop any of the items in this post by clicking on the pictures at the end of the post!

I did a blog post last week sharing some tips for the sale and you can find that here.  Items tend to sell out quickly, so if there’s something you really want order it online right when you can!

If you’re not a Nordstrom card holder and you haven’t been able to shop the sale yet, don’t fret!  Public access to the sale starts on July 20th and they have already restocked a few things that have sold out.  There are quite a few great things this year, so you will definitely be able to snag some things you love!

Whenever I try things on, I usually tend to lean more towards black and gray items and so I’m really trying to branch out.  I need more colorful pieces in my life and there are some really good ones offered with this sale.  The store I was at was out of stock on a few pieces that I did have in mind to try, so I will include those here as well.

I am Feeling the Flannels

plaid prints are so fun

First up we have these items.  Although flannels scream Fall you can wear them in the summer, too!  A flannel tied around your waist with a tank and shorts in the summer- sooo cute!  Here are the few flannel options I tried out today.  This coat is super comfortable and perfect for when the weather starts to get a little chilly!  I am really in love with both these other options as well.  They both come in multiple colors and the blue really called my name.  I grabbed the black one too, but it also has white in it guys, I’m branching out, promise!  I’m all about tying shirts and sweaters lately and so I did size up to a medium in the flannel shirts, so I would be able to comfortably tie them.

Shop these items:

So Many Great Sweaters

There are seriously so many amazing sweaters and it’s honestly hard to choose because all of them would be great!  Here are my top choices!

This one, you guysss!  It’s an actual NEED!  And it’s $25, yes please!!  I saw this online, but really fell in love with it in person.  The material is super soft and it’s very comfortable.  The hardest thing about this sweater is that it comes in a few colors, so how do you decide?!  It’s a must have!  I am wearing a medium.  I could have done a small, but I do prefer a little of an over-sized fit with sweaters.  I literally put this sweater on and was like, oh hiii there!  Ahhh, I just love it so much!

my favorite pick!

Okay, so now can we just talk about how the heck do ya choose?!  I am wearing a medium in picture 1, 3, and 4 and in the second picture I am wearing a size 4, but would have needed a size 6.  The second photo is a TopShop sweater and you always want to size up from what you would normally order with that brand.  The Nordstrom site is great in that they actually tell you that when choosing your size option.

My favorite of these 4 is hands down option number 4, and it comes in pink!  It’s even better in person, trust me!

so many bright sweater options this sale

Next up are these two cozies!  The first one is actually a large because that’s all that was left in stock at the store I was at.  I would size down to a medium for sure.  The second picture is like the softest teddy bear you ever did hug!  This sweater is actually next level cozy and it’s a size medium.

i love a cozy sweater!

Onto the Cardigans

This is not your typical cardigan, and I love that!  The material is a super soft suede and don’t you just love how it gets even fancier with the way it buttons?!  Adorable!!

the softest suede cardigan ever

I love all of these and paired them with some great basics.

such cozy cardigan options

Basics and Leather Jackets

Here I go with the black and gray again!  Ya gotta love a good basic black top, tho amirite?!  This tee is only $11.90, stock up!  I did a medium in both tops and the leggings.

basic long sleeve and short sleeve tops

There is one basic in particular I was realllly hoping to be able to try on, so I’ll have to order it online.  Seriously, how cute is this cami and it comes in 3 different colors.  Perfect for layering!

Okay, so before going into the sale I knew I wanted to try and find a leather jacket that I could dress up or down.  I tried both of these and ended up getting the Top Shop one.  I really do like the BP one with the removable hood, but I do feel it is definitely on the more casual side.  I would do a small if I went with the BP version with the removable hood.  I tried a medium on and it was comfortable, but just too bulky, so a small for sure.

The Top Shop jacket is in the same price range and can definitely be dressed up or down!  I am super happy with this find and I did a size 6 in this jacket.  Remember with Top Shop to always size up!

top shop leather jacket BP leather jacket with removable hood

Jeans and Shoes

The pair of jeans I had in my top 5 picks are sold out in stores and online.  I’m not sure if they will be resotcked, but I did find some others that I really do like.

I had white booties listed in my top 5, and I gotta say I was disappointed in the white bootie department in person.  That’s so sad too because I really wanted a pair.  I just wasn’t in love with them in person and it felt like it was hard to shove my foot into them and  I just couldn’t get the sizing quite right.

I could spend all day there trying on shoes, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 shoe picks, you can see them below.  I had to narrow it down in the shoe department otherwise this entire post would be about shoes!

You can click any of these pictures below to purchase.  Feel free to message me with any questions!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Melissa July 15, 2018 / 9:46 am

    You had some great picks I hadn’t seen! Love your fashion perspective. That plaid jacket looks so good on you! I need to try it on!

  2. sarahyacullo
    July 15, 2018 / 9:54 am

    Thanks girl!! It’s a good one for sure!

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