My First Year with Monat

“People will stare.  Make it worth their while.” -Tom Ford

my one year monat results


I saw this quote the other day and immediately started to write this post.  Seriously, I grabbed a pen and paper with my kids climbing all over me and started to scribble down a lot of what is written below.  I feel like this is a quote that absolutely goes hand in hand and needs to be embraced by everyone in network marketing.

Since starting with Monat and almost a year later, starting my blog, I’m sure people have had a lot of things to say about me.  I am someone that said (and meant!) that I would never get into network marketing.  I would never be “one of those people”.  I have been approached by so many of my friends over the past few years asking to sell things and nothing felt like it was really for me.  The whole “side hustle” gig was just not my thing.

A Little Back Story

Well, then I had my boys back to back and lost A LOT of hair.  You guys, my hairline was growing smaller by the day and that is absolutely not an exaggeration.  If you’ve dealt with hair loss for any reason you know what I am talking about.  It’s not easy!

There are so many things our bodies go thru during and after pregnancy and I never considered postpartum hair loss to be one of them.  When my first baby was four months old I started losing a ton of hair.  Now when I say a ton- I mean it.  It was actually concerning to me and my doctor even tested my thyroid levels- they were normal.  My doctor explained that during pregnancy some people don’t lose much hair and they shed it afterwards once the hormones start to balance back out, add stress of a newborn on top of that and perfect situation for some hair fall.

When my first was just 6 months old we found out we were pregnant again.  Crazy, I know!  Blog post about that coming at a later date!  Fast forward to about 4 months after having baby #2 and it started again.

My hair was EVERYWHERE!

I had to wash everyday or it was an oily mess, it had no shine and everyday it looked like a small puppy was on the shower floor.  You guys, I am not joking when I tell you that my husband was even finding my hair in his butt crack.  Just keepin it real over here!! Seriously tho, how does that even happen?!

Then in stepped Monat…

How I heard about Monat and what I thought

It can help hair growth?  Hair repair?  That’s what I need!

To be completely honest, I did not care that it was naturally based- at that point I was willing to try anything!  Now that I’ve learned so much about what is in hair products I do care that it’s naturally based, but I was clueless to that at the time.

I first heard about it from a boutique I had been following and buying from for years.  They started to do live videos and they were so fun!  It wasn’t always about clothes, but they would do some tutorials, or once they even took the video into a Botox appointment- doing some nurse injector work myself, I loved that!  Then one day I tuned in and they were talking about this magical shampoo that helps hair grow and I immediately looked into it.

I wanted to try it.

It was a little expensive, I thought.

I watched.

I researched and learned the products last for months so it wasn’t expensive when you broke it down.

I still watched.

Six months later I decided to do something for me and it was the best decision ever.

How I got Started

I already loved the products before trying them and after messaging my now upline, Ashley I decided to just go the Market Partner route.  I had never met Ashley, I only knew her from the boutiques vidoes.  I did not know anyone personally that had ever tried or even heard of Monat and I had never tried the products myself.  That wait for my product pack to come was crazy.  I spent every waking moment learning about the products and the business.  I was scared and I was excited.  What would people think if I actually did decide to sell shampoo?!  Well, after my first wash I was hooked and considering I am the type of person to share everything I love I decided what the hell.  I believed in the products before ever trying them for myself and then once I did I knew for sure it was love.  Here I am a year after that first wash with a lot more hair, a grateful heart, more time with my boys, and a lot more courage to put myself out there.

I started this blog, which is something I never thought I would actually do, and all because of what would people think.  Isn’t that something?  My point is, I realized there will always be people that judge you and that is okay.  Let them judge- those are not your people.  With Monat I have found my people.  It is a very uplifting community of men and women who cheer for and support each other and I’m proud to be a part of it.  Naturally based products and products that have truly changed my hair for the better.  When I started to write this post I considered writing about the opportunity Monat offers, but I think for me what I needed to get over was what people would think.  I’m here to tell you that there will always be naysayers, doubters and behind your back talkers, but we all have to do things for ourselves and not what is going to make other people happy.  Those people don’t pay your bills. We have one life to live.  Don’t let other people opinions affect your actions.  Truly, over this past year I’ve not only experienced a lot of hair growth, but a tremendous amount of self growth.  I’m thankful.


Here are my results one year after my first wash. None of the photos below have been edited or filtered in any way whatsoever.

The first side by side is right before I washed my hair for the first time and the after photo on the right is from today.

The shine alone, I mean…

So much more fullness when I pull my hair back now! I had used Monat a couple of times in the photo on the left. The photo on the right is from today. One year difference.

So much hair growth

The photo on the left was right before my first wash and the photo on the right is from today before curling my hair.

So much smoother!!

My sunglasses game and my top knot game have both improved tremendously! Not sure what’s going on with those shades on the left?!  Yikes! Seriously tho, people ask me for top knot tutorials now. That’s nuts! This is just throwing my hair up- no sock under that bun- that is ALL MY HAIR!

Top knot progression

My husbands one year progress! Photo on the left is before his first wash and photo on the right is from today.

His hair has filled in so much!

Monat has been around for almost four years now and not only do I wish I had started sooner, I also wish I would have taken more before photos. If my hair ever looked bad I just would get rid of the photo! I encourage you if you try these products to take a lot of photos of your hair so you can see the changes for yourself.

If you have tried the products before and quit because you didn’t think you were getting amazing results, try again and stick with it. Years of damage to your hair cannot be fixed overnight. There can be an adjustment period and this is a treatment process.

If you’re interested in learning more about what products would be best for you whether it be the customer or Market Partner side reach out to me or to someone you know that sells it! It’s totally worth trying!

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XO, Sarah


  1. Katie September 18, 2018 / 10:55 pm

    I love this! We’re always so worried about what other people might think. You do you girl!

    • sarahyacullo
      September 18, 2018 / 10:57 pm

      Yes!! Thanks girlfriend! Im so happy you loved it!

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