Can we just talk about all of the 90’s trends I was obsessed with and how they are back?! You guys, seriously who else had a scrunchie collection? This is one of my favorite comebacks! You can find them everywhere and I ain’t mad about it! Here are a few of my favorite trends that are making a return…

Scrunchies are back and I am thrilled!

90's trends

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I’ve juiced on and off in the mornings for just about a year now, but more recently I’ve started juicing solely celery juice.

First off, I love the taste, plus the health benefits are thru the roof! A total win-win in my book!! My husband doesn’t think it’s too bad either!

I came across the blog Medical Medium and found SO much information on just how powerful this juice really is. It is actually one of the most nutritious plant foods out there! Preparing celery as a juice allows our bodies to reap the maximum benefits.

I usually added celery to my juice anyway, so why not try it alone?!

Celery juice benefits

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So if there is one makeup item that I cannot live without it would be MASCARA…well, that and lip gloss…oh man, this is tough! Let’s be real, I hope I never have to just pick one! I feel like both are actually a NEED, ha!

Seriously tho, Mascara is life guys! It can completely change your look and quite honestly, it’s just a magical beauty product. The unicorn of beauty products- there, I said it!

I have tried SO many different mascaras throughout the years and feel like I never really have just stuck with one.

A few years back I was introduced to the Too Faced Better than Sex and immediately was OBSESSED with it! The name, the look (it’s pink, I like it), the wand. It’s great! The only downfall to it IMO is that it can get a little clumpy in the tube even when it’s brand new. I always have to slide the brush across the top of the tube before applying it so I don’t end up with black eyes and huge globs on my lashes. It’s a great mascara, but can get messy if you’re not careful. The wand is an hourglass shape and can grab a lot of product on the way out of the tube.

I feel like I use it up and then I venture onto something else to try. I gotta tell ya, I’ve always gone back to it tho!

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new bloggerHi guys, I’ve decided to start a blog sharing all things lifestyle and I could not be more excited about it!

I plan to talk about a blend of topics here that interest me on the daily and I’m pumped to start sharing!  This is probably (definitely!) the busiest my life has ever been, so why not throw one more thing in, ha!

Seriously though, I truly love sharing things that I love and cannot wait to start using this space to do just that!  I’m not really sure why I haven’t done this sooner, but here we are!

Having a two year old and a three year old, we are constantly on the go and life can get a little crazy sometimes!  I’m excited to use this as a creative outlet and to share all sorts of finds with you.  Kind of as a place for me to slow down a little.

We will talk about motherhood, marriage, fitness as well as fashion and beauty related finds.  All the things!

Feel free to subscribe to receive new blog posts via email.

I’m excited to be on this new journey and thanks for coming along for the ride!